Blog Launches! Launches!

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Does that title give you the impression I’m “flying through the air with the greatest of ease?!” Rather, I’ve reorganized my social media (and it was not easy). I’m bringing you my latest sculptures with in-process videos, sketches, blog stories, announcements and links for your viewing pleasure. And I hope it does give you pleasure…and stimulates questions, comments and the occasional “like.”

I used to think life got in the way of art–those unending trips to the grocery store, school carpool, laundry–which kept me from more studio time. Now I’m realizing life is art. Each moment, each day is a step closer to refining my vision of the landscape and transforming that new meaning into a sculpture that may give you just a bit more inspiration or insight. I find beauty in the untamed and sublime, the untidy and exquisite. Grow with me by setting up an RSS feed from my home page that will keep you up-to-date on my blog entries. Update your bookmark to my new URL: Most of all, I simply hope you’ll be excited to see the world through my eyes and hands and enjoy the journey…and share a conversation.

Maybe I’ll see you on the river…

  1. David Kaufman says:

    Outstanding, professional, doesn’t look like a first pass web site!
    Easy to navigate with beautiful images…if I didn’t know you and your work I certainly would after visiting your site.
    Reminds us how proud we are to have your works in our home.

  2. Tim Potter says:

    Wow! This is one of the nicest web sites I have been on. And how fun to see you in action after so long. Always knew you had talent from the days of SPRO Teen Council, but this is awesome. Congrats for the wonderful display of your inspiring talent and the wonderful presentation on this great website (down to the most minute detail – spell check on comments!). You can be proud of the outcome!

  3. Tim Potter says:

    D -
    Love your inspired look at life and how you share it.
    Wonderful work as well as commentary!!!

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