Vibrant Earth opens at Grants Pass Museum of Art

Vibrant Earth opens at Grants Pass Museum of Art

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After over a year of prep work, a week of packing and a day of driving, I was met at the Grants Pass Museum of Art by an enthusiastic, capable crew. Many hands make light work, so the moving van was unloaded at light speed and installation began in a flurry. For those of you who couldn’t be present at last night’s opening, husband Jon has captured some highlights on the video.

Community and regional support for our museums is so vital, and Grants Pass artists, board members and residents prove more than capable of delivering a spectrum of inspired shows. As an emerging artist, I consider myself “boosted” by their commitment to showing my work. Help make the next eight weeks a win-win by stopping by the museum for my show, tasting the local organic food, and enjoying some time on the banks of the Rogue River. You’ll feel restored. I promise!

  1. Diane Peters says:

    GREAT JOB YOU GUYS! What a beautiful display of your work!

    • Deanna says:

      You were here in spirit, Diane! All your supportive efforts were invaluable. Thank you! I’ll post some detailed pics of the newest pieces a.s.a.p.

  2. Ed Sammons says:

    wow wow wow!

    You art is amazing!!!

  3. Jan Jacobson says:

    How exciting to have the galaxy you have created transported to another location for others to see and enjoy and perhaps sample, to keep in their world after your show moves on. Good job and congratulations! I really enjoyed Jon’s music with the video; it is very cool to hear his art while viewing yours – a Marsh created sensory experience :)

  4. Deanna, your art is beautifully unique, the ultimate in creativity from your spirit and your soul. I believe seeing it connects soul to soul.

    Congratulations on your dedication to share your talented expression with the world. The time, the effort, the commitment to go on when your process has a hiccup, your love of giving — for that and more, I am clapping an applause to loud I hope you can hear it in whatever form encourages you to continue expressing.

    Your proud friend,
    Barbara Wirth

  5. Lynn Meyer-Mountjoy says:

    Your art just gets more and more beautiful. It certainly is amazing. Hope you had a great showing. Think of you often….Lynn and Jerry

  6. Bernie Gardner says:

    Wow! What a splendid show! Your spirit has reached out from your amazing art and touched my heart. I sit in meditation with a group that is seeking to bring peace and love to this planet. We sit in the Grants Pass Museum of Art on Friday evenings (except 1st Fri.). What a joy to be surrounded by the beauty you have created which brings us again and again back to our sense of interbeing with all life.
    Thank you,

  7. Sondra Hersh says:

    Congratulations Deanna!
    Beautiful work. I have enjoyed being witness to many years of dedication to your passion and craft.

  8. Tim Potter says:

    Wow! Awesome video and I bet the music was Jon’s original. He’s as talented as you are, Deanna!
    Loved ‘being there’ as you packed the car & truck to opening night. What fun for me, but a lot of work for you all!

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