Artist Statement

image with caption

Deanna Marsh in her studio

Icreate landscape sculptures of steel and kiln-formed glass interpreting the natural forces of change on our planet. The imagery of water powerfully or subtly insinuates itself into my sculptural forms, from the ancient canyons and mountain ranges of the West, to the natural beauty surrounding my studio above Northern California’s American River.

Within each sculpture, I am building a dialogue between ancient and modern materials—minerals or fossils and modern steel and glass — old geologic forces and newer man-made materials. Though intensely personal, the sculptural terrains are also generalized meditations on the natural world and our effect on it, filtered through a deep concern for the environment. My goal is to awaken an environmental activism within each of us by an informed view of the mystery and majesty of the natural world — to reignite that critical and harmonious relationship that is often removed from daily life.

I often study topographic maps and satellite imagery. This elevated view carries spiritual overtones for me of the humble scale of man relative to our greater world. The sculptures toggle between the macro and micro views of the environment, fleshing-out the weathered surfaces of rugged canyons and salt-laden tidal rivers, or subtle riffles in a stream trailing a fallen tree. Just as rivers reflect the vitality and changing nature of our ecosystems — carving new waterways or varying in flow by season ��������������� nature provides an endless metaphor for life’s new tides and seasons. In my work I have tried to find harmony, to interpret and convey the feeling of awe from our grand western landscape, while expressing intimate details without diminishing grandeur. Our landscape is my limitless source of inspiration. I hope it will inspire you too.

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