Beautiful Activism

6ft x 3ft
Manganese dendrite on a limestone bedding plane from Solingen, Germany, etched glass, steel, gold
available for viewing at Placer Community Foundation, Auburn, by appointment only.

Beautiful Activism is the first sculpture in what I hope will be a lifelong series of exploration into opposing forces of nature and industry. Deeply concerned and motivated by the pace of habitat destruction and non-renewable resources, I am finding my “voice” in the sculptural grappling with ethical and moral environmental concerns. The spectacular dendrite fossil took millions of years to harden and oxidize, while the industrial steel took just days, though it will continue to patina over years. The etched glass is a material in constant movement, though far too slow and subtle to witness change during my lifetime. Each element has its own internal dialog, or process; each must relate to eachother. How does the magnitude of nature’s creations fit into our development? Are we pushing it away, conforming to its place or making room to support its sustainability? Stay tuned for more….

“…Artwork may show sorrow or protest, dismay or shock– but at least, a deep, earnest grappling to find healing and peace. My goal is for the viewer to participate in experiencing the Divine embracing the human…to perceive an intense love and hope for humanity’s higher expression of itself. Not a remote love, but an “in the midst” uplift of hope for transformation and healing, all-embracing and elevating. Love protecting and adoring and celebrating its own. Art we’re all a part of.”
–Joni Overton-Jung


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