1ft x 4ft
kiln-formed glass, steel
private collection

In the Grand Canyon region, the Kaibab Formation (rock layer) is dated to 250 million years ago. A warm shallow sea environment (that’s right, sea in Colorado…hard to wrap your head around that one) formed the lower rock half and a drier tidal flat environment formed the upper half, leaving marine fossils. The rock is comprised of limestone, sandstone, siltstone, gypsum and chert forming cliffs and slopes. This sculpture was inspired by a rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. I was so impressed by the geologic layers and by the tenacity of cactus clinging to the tiniest ledges. Each layer of rock was distinctive and full of personality, unique color and texture. Day by day, the river took me further back in the geologic record–what an ideal history lesson.

Part of the Grand Canyon Series.

image with caption

The river undercuts the rock